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Doctor Christian Fournier is now part of the international elite, being one of the only Canadian orthodontist to be part of Align Faculty, an organization that provides an education on Invisalign.He is also a clinical consultant for Invisalign since 2012.

Invisalign exclusively
514 737-2007
Invisalign and traditional treatments
450 973-2006

Only those who have at least 800 patients with the invisalign technique and annually have 200 new patients can be called TOP 1% Provider.

2018 Conferences by Dr Fournier

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Oklahoma City:26 january 2018 Los Angeles:9 february 2018 Montréal:16 february 2018 Los Angeles:23 february 2018 St-Louis:6 april 2018
Québec:13 april 2018 Halifax:19 april 2018 Montréal:26 april 2018 Toronto:27 april 2018 Montréal:4 may 2018
Toronto:25 may 2018 Toronto:24 august 2018 Toronto:11 september 2018 San Diego:21 september 2018 Winnipeg:28 september 2018
Montréal:27 october 2018 Toronto:2 november 2018 San Diego:14 december 2018